Picasso's Wives

Picasso's Wives.
Bill Murphy. Limited Edition (100).
55"x39" or 12"x39 for individuals.
{BMP0219, 20, 21, 22, & 23}.

Print © 2000-2017 Murphy Ercé-en-Lamée

A Numbered, Limited Edition Print
 Edition limited to 100 copies each print.
Sold complete sheet (4 figures) or as individual panels. The early edition numbers are reserved for full sheet purchasers. The panels are numbered 1-4 from L-R
Dealer inquiries welcomed.
Price U.S. $3200.00 for the entire page (four panels) or $950.00 each.
Sold unframed. Shipping to USA destinations is included. Overseas small up charge. Printed on Somerset Paper.

Picasso's Wives (single sheet)
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Picasso's Wife 1 (far left)
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Picasso's Wife 2 (left center)
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Picasso's Wife 3 (right center)
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Picasso's Wife 4 (far right)
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©1997-2017 i.Murphy USA. All Rights Reserved. Commercial use or redistribution in any form, printed or electronic, is prohibited.

Print Details

Picasso's Wives is printed on a single piece of Somerset Paper. The panels can purchased separately or joined as shown. These images are 40" over one meter tall.

ORDER Individually or complete SHEET of four images.