Irish coffee recipe:

Irish Coffee Limited Edition Print

Ever wonder how some pubs are able to create a masterful Irish coffee?
Murphy takes his kitchen skills, powers of observation,
And presents a simple to follow recipe to prepare this magnificent beverage.

  • 1 bottle Irish whiskey
  • 1 pot freshly brewed coffee (hot and strong)
  • 1 pot piping hot water
  • granulated sugar
  • heavy whipping cream
  • a dollop of good cheer!
  • some good company
  • a collection of Irish Coffee mugs, one for each member of your good company
  • one silver spoon, you need not be born with it in your mouth

Assemble all of your ingredients on a counter leaving yourself a generous-sized work area. The secrets to making a great Irish coffee are: First, you must work quickly, it helps to have all of your ingredients available before you begin the concoction. Second, you must warm the glasses before adding any ingredients, otherwise, you will not achieve the proper serving temperature.

Begin by brewing your coffee. You can use any brand or type of coffee, prepare it in your usual way but make it a tad stronger this time. You want strong coffee to hold its flavor against the dilution with Irish whiskey.

Separately, have prepared a pot of piping hot water.

While the coffee is brewing and your water is heating, you can whip your heavy cream by-hand or with an electric beater until it is thick but does NOT peak. You want the cream to be semi-liquid, yet stiff enough so that it will float high in the glass and excite the palate. This is where the artist in you must come out. Please, DO NOT use canned aerosol whipped cream products... in the Catholic Church this might be a Mortal Sin. Aerosol, whipped dairy and nondairy toppings will ruin your Irish coffee. Again, real whipped cream ONLY! You can prepare the whipped cream several hours in advance if you prefer and keep it refrigerated. If you are on a diet, maybe you need go to a different web page now.

Once the cream is prepared, fill each mug with the piping hot water. REMEMBER: You must work quickly. Let the water-filled mugs sit a moment or two to warm. You want "one mug for each member of your "good company." Yes, this is much like, "Hurry up and wait!" Take a moment for final meditation before you begin your creation, the most fabulous Irish coffee you have ever had.

Quickly, empty the mugs of hot water and place all of the mugs in a line before you. If you are right-handed, work from left to right (if you are a student of Zen, you might try right to left). Place a slightly-rounded teaspoon of granulated sugar in the bottom of each glass.

Quickly, pour two-to-three fingers of Irish whiskey over the sugar. You can be generous with the whiskey but not so generous that you overpower the other ingredients or your good company... recall the artist within. In time, your artistic abilities will grow. Hurry now.

Pour the hot coffee over the whiskey leaving a half-inch or so at the brim. This is to accommodate your cream. Before adding the cream, stir each mug briskly with the silver spoon. A couple of brisk swirls around the glass are all that is required to dissolve the sugar. Top the creation with whipped cream slowly to keep the coffee and cream separated. It is another Mortal Sin to mix the cream into the coffee. The cream MUST float on top or it is off to the Confessional for you.

Serve immediately.

Serves as many as you have whiskey and the stamina for.

Note: THE GLASSWARE YOU USE IS VERY IMPORTANT IN THE PREPARATION OF IRISH COFFEE, if you wish to become a cognoscente. There are many companies that produce Irish coffee mugs expressly for the purpose of enjoying this wonderful beverage. You can find them online or in your local neighborhood stores. I recommend the best equipment for the ultimate enjoyment of this modern Celtic creation. The mug itself is an ordinary, slender cylinder on a stem (or with a thick glass bottom) with a handle. Glass is better than porcelain. If you have any questions, write:

MURPHY has traveled the world comparing Irish coffees to bring you this terrific beverage recipe.

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