Little Loie

"Little Loie Lost"

I realize now what it is!
My eyes burning, my soul lost.
Endlessly roaming, roaming, roaming.
Endlessly grieving!
Grieving for that lost little soul,
That lost little girl!
She is endlessly crying, crying, crying!
My heart aches for her, breaks for her.
And yet I can not find her, or hold her.
I catch glimpses of her, and never far behind her,
But cannot catch up to her,
To comfort her or ease her broken lost little soul!

I call out to her, but she does not answer!
She just keeps crying, crying, crying,
And roaming, roaming, roaming!
Why doesn't she answer!
Why can't I find her!
I know she is there!
I know now I will always grieve for her.
Endlessly roaming, roaming, roaming!
Endlessly GRIEVE!

© 2000-2018 by Elaine Lois Hale-Talley

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