Blue Moon: Poem

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Blue Moon
by Neal Flaxman

As a whisper faintly, ever playing in my head
Reminds me oh so gently, of something that you said
As your portrait's potion, eyes drawn upon my mind
I did not have a notion, not guessing what I'd find
As your fragrance lingers, lofting through my being
Traced with gentle fingers, my spirit now is seeing
As a long forgotten flavor, you're Kiss melting on my lips
Something I long to savor, through my heart it zips
As a gifted thought, long did we converse
A meeting I have sought, amazed at how diverse
As a fiery passion, deep within my heart
In a heated fashion, it leapt from the start
And as a lovers touch, I'm locked in your embrace
Dazed I miss you much, longing for your face
So I know it's not by chance, my heart it does now swoon
When I caught your glance, it is once in a blue moon.

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