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Watercolor Boundaries
(Revised spacing: Nov. 28th 1997)

Dedicated to my best friend, Christina, who "has good boundaries"!


"Boundaries," you say.
"What are those ? I reply.
I had no training in these
Who set them at my home?
Who set them at my school?
Who explained "boundaries"?
and what is "good"
and what is "bad"
about "boundaries"?
Yes, and what are "good"
and "bad" boundaries?
Between two people,
they say,
they should exist
to maintain a sense of self
to separate the one
from the other
Not to repeat
the childhood
merging into the
with the mother
Not to merge into
the One
of all existence
Not to merge into
the One
in sacred matrimony
of the Soul
I demand to know
What is this psychological
prison concept
of "boundaries"
espousing separation.
I only know the watercolor
boundaries of
the one merging into
the other
of the soul of the many
merging into the
of the feel of the other
merging into
when I see hunger or joy,
sorrow or love,
pain or elation.
Shall not the edges of our
flow into life as
blues merge into greens
in the landscapes of
our watercolored souls?
Shall not I allow myself to feel
and share you once again
in the Rivers of
soothed in a single
brush which paints
a world of
blues merging into greens
violets into blues
and yellows into oranges
into reds
of rainbow promises of a
with only watercolor

AER/March 27th 1997
Revised Spacing: 11/28/97
Number of Lines: 70
Composed: March 27th 1996
Ann Elizabeth Robinson, Ph.D. P.O. Box 460225 San Antonio, TX. 78246-0225
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