©1997 A. E. Robinson, Ph.D.

Bird of Fire O Bird of Fire With Wings to Swim Who Tells the Tale of Breeze's Hymn? And Sings the Song of Dawnless Night And calls us Home to Hunters' Light? A Time Untold A Day Yet Known A Thimble of the Shore and Gone..... into the Brink so clear and cool a ripple left a dauntless pool. Arise, O Bird, and Swim to me, and show your fire of purity. Rise, O flame, into the night and make the River's Shore shine bright, and bring the Moon such sheer delight that Hunters deign to pray tonight.

©1997-2018 Ann Elizabeth Robinson, Ph.D., San Antonio TX

Ann Elizabeth Robinson, Ph.D.

Number of Lines: 42

San Antonio, Texas

Composed: October 29th 1997


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