Her Sister's Friend (sheet)

Her Series in SHEETS.
Bill Murphy. Limited Edition (25 each). 72"x50". 2001. {BMP0106,7,8,9,10,11,12SH}.

Print © 2000-2018 Murphy Ercé-en-Lamée
 with Her Series SHEETS:
A Limited Edition Print
 Edition Limited 25 copies each sheet.
These sheets are sold on a first-come first-served basis.* The first 25 runs of each series are reserved and will be sold in full-sheet versions ONLY.
Price US$4,000.00. INCLUDES: (1) Grande, (1) Enormé, (1) Regular and (6) Minis. Suitable for framing as is or cut into single images.

Sold unframed. Shipping Worldwide is FREE.
Giclée process on Somerset Paper.

A lovely print available in color variations.

Greenfields SHEET $4,000.00
Her SHEET $4,000.00
Her Sister SHEET $4,000.00
Her Sister's Friend SHEET $4,000.00
Paisley Palace SHEET $4,000.00
Slumber Land SHEET $4,000.00
Smile SHEET $4,000.00
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This is the example sheet of Her Sister's Friend. Each sheet contains 9 images in four different sizes. The largest image is 33x48". The smallest is 5x8".

Links to color versions below.