POETRY | Anthology by Bill MURPHY:

Poetry Listings

Titles: (alphabetically)
Ancient Mariner, The
Animal Fair
Ascent of Mount Carmel
Awake from a Strange Dream
Bird of Fire
Blue Moon
Catholic Girls, The
Duck Poem, a Poem for the C.I.A.
The Duke of Somerset and...
I Fell in Love With You
In My Room
Last Love Story, The
Little Loie Lost
Love Moon
Love Song
Lover Tells of the Rose in his Heart, The
Meeting, The
Monk, The
Newness of You, The
On Looking Up by Chance...
Orpheus II (excerpt)
Perfect Woman
Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The
Story They Know, A
Tyger, Tyger
Unclear Life
Watercolor Boundaries

Authors: (by last name, first name)
Blake, William
Coleridge, Samuel T.
De Forest, Edgar
Flaxman, Neal
Frost, Robert
Mocreac, Irina: (by Title)
   In My Room
Meeting, The
Monk, The
Unclear Life
Murphy, Bill: (by Title)
   Catholic Girls, The
Duck Poem
I Fell in Love With You
Last Love Story, The
Love Moon
Monthly Poem
Rilke, Ranier Marie: (by Title)
   Love Song
Orpheus II (excerpt)
Robinson, Ann Elizabeth: (by Title)
   Bird of Fire
Watercolor Boundaries
Rumi, Jelaluddin
Saint John of the Cross
Talley, Elaine
Ward, Marilyn C.
Welch, Krista
Wordsworth, William
Yeats, W. B.
Yevtushenko, Yevgeny

First Line Directory: (alphabetically)

All things uncomely and broken...

As a whisper faintly, ever playing in my head

"Boundaries," you say.

Ducks are strange animals.

Emblem of the Universal

How can I keep my soul in me,

How I fell for you, my love!

I can't spill the cup of my soul,

I gleaned a peek of you, my sweet.

In a dark night,

In the way I met a strange woman

I realize now what it is!

I slept in my room. Quiet.

It is an ancient Mariner

It's time for us to join the line

It was a girl really

I went to the animal fair,

Nightly I cry,

O Bird of Fire

Pick unclear life,

Road... dusty road...

She was a phantom of delight

The bright, white moon casts silvery threads

Tyger, Tyger. burning bright,

Unknown to me yet known O so long

When your face

You are forever and always new,

You'll wait a long, long time for anything much

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