MURALS: i.Murphy large murals

Nude Reclining, a  mural.

SIZE: 144"x 39" . ORIGINAL Fine Art MURAL, a GICLÉE, framed. CLICK IMAGE to enlarge.

Four panels mural.
Chagall's Gals

SIZE: (4) 42"x 130" . ORIGINAL GICLÉE, framed.
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Contemporary MURALS
  • Magnificent MURALS!
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  • GUARANTEED professional installation and custom framing. All ORIGINAL, one of a kind. Terms must be arranged with the artist.
    *Shipping & installation for USA locations is included and conducted under the artist's personal supervision. Other locations should inquire about installation charges.
  • Large MURALS. Murphy creates many large artworks (not seen here) for commercial and private display. Consignments and multiples for commercial and private clients are possible. Contact the artist.


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MURAL: single panel nearly 30 feet across.

SIZE: 312"x 40" . ORIGINAL Extrospective MURAL, a GICLÉE, framed. CLICK IMAGE to enlarge.

Four framed panels.
Green Cheese

SIZE: (4) 46"x 40" . ORIGINAL MURAL, framed.
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A single panel 16 feet across.
In the beginning...

SIZE: 170"x 40" . ORIGINAL MURAL, framed.
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Four Loves (logo)

images © 2001-17 i.Murphy USA

Four panels.
Picasso's Wives.

SIZE: (4) 42"x 130" . ORIGINAL MURAL on canvas, framed.
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Paintings ©1997-2017 i.Murphy . USA

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